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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hemma hos my fav; Olivia Palermo

Jag tycker denna tjej från the City är så vansinnigt snygg och cool, och jag tror verkligen att MTV försöker få henne att framstå mer som en bitch and hon är. Nedan är låter hon oss följa med in till hennes 60-tals inspirerade lägenhet i området Tribeca i New York.

“I’m so excited to be living in my own home,” says socialite Olivia Palermo , surrounded by clothes racks, shoes and handbags in her colorful, 63-square-foot (6m²) walk-in closet accented with a zebra-print rug. Olivia is photographing outfits she has selected for a short trip to Los Angeles so she’ll know exactly what she wants to wear while she’s there. “This is the space I love the most. You can see it the second you walk in, It represents me.”
Inspired by pictures of Mariah Carey’s spacious NYC home, Olivia , 22, started searching for an apartment with enough room to create a large-scale, open-plan closet when she was ready to leave the nest—her mother’s three-bedroom abode on the Upper East Side —last summer.
With her heart set on downtown Manhattan , Olivia wanted to find a recently constructed, modern building with lots of natural light. After going through numerous brokers and scoping out 17 apartments— “The first one I saw was a dark studio with a Murphy bed and I had no idea what it was. My dad thought it was a good reality check for me” —she fell for this brand-new one-bedroom (with an office) on the 10th floor of a 21-story development on Leonard Street in Tribeca . “It was so new, the paint had barely dried".
To furnish the place, Olivia and her mother, Lyn Hutchings , a partner at interior design firm Hutchings-Lyle , came up with the design plan: a 1960s look with a classic, old Hollywood feel. For the living room, the duo chose a comfy two-piece sectional sofa bed from Jennifer Convertibles . Next, Olivia fell for a baby-blue Bing side table from Gracious Home, which adds to the cheerful tone. “Then my mom slowed me down,” she says. “She made me realize that buying furniture is not like shopping for clothes. You need to think of the look of the entire apartment.” The eye-catcher in the room is an Hermès tray, a vintage find from the ­Hamptons , placed on top of a Carlyle Custom Convertible white-leather coffee table with nailheads.
The bedroom is personalized with a zebra-print antique lamp with a string shade (“a gift from my dad”) and framed photographs of loved ones — Olivia’s boyfriend of eight months, Wilhelmina model Johannes Huebl , dominates the selection. The most prized piece, however, is a dresser from ABC Carpet & Home , which is covered in sparkling costume jewelry. “My aunt [Linda Donahue] is a costume jewelry expert, so I understand it’s just as valuable as real jewelry,” she says, holding up a vintage brooch decorated with enamel and rhinestone lovebirds. “And every piece comes with a rich history. I got this one at the Pier Show in New York, but found an almost identical pin in Leigh Leshner’s book, Vintage Jewelry, A Price and Identification Guide, 1920-1940s. So I think it’s Depression-era.”
With the décor decided on, Olivia concentrated on using the Container Store’s Elfa system to turn the home office into a dream walk-in closet for her well-established wardrobe of vintage finds, plus dresses and separates from Zac Posen, Sass & Bide, Rebecca Taylor, Ports 1961 and Zara , and “a hundred pairs of shoes—from Louboutin and French Sole to lots of no-name heels.”
Although she has a year of media studies at the New School to go, Olivia is ready to take on the acting world. Leaning against the simple, modern white Jonathan Adler desk in her bedroom, she confides, “I don’t have to work—my parents have always supported me in everything I’ve wanted to do—but I want to. I want to be an actress and a brand, and then I want to do some producing.”
To begin her transformation from socialite to international star, the 5′5″, size 0 beauty has signed on with the talent agency Untitled (“one of the best in the industry”), as well as hired the PR firm Rogers & Cowan (Elton John’s handler was minding her at this Page Six Magazine shoot).

Vic Posted by Vicky M at 11:57 Labels: fashion, kändisar, Modeller, Olivia Palermo, the city 123 comments: Anonymous said...
Love Olivia's hair you can have it too!

8:46 AM Thecity said...

She is sooo beautiful:D

5:35 PM Morgan said...

Hi there!
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Imagine if my Buenos Aires apartment looked like hers???
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Christian Louboutin (Anglais) Relié – 25 octobre 2011

4,6 étoiles sur 5 56 commentaires provenant des USA

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Détails sur le produit

  • Relié: 304 pages
  • Editeur : Rizzoli; Édition : 01 (25 octobre 2011)
  • Langue : Anglais
  • ISBN-10: 0847836517
  • ISBN-13: 978-0847836512
  • Dimensions du produit: 26,5 x 4,4 x 33,7 cm
  • Moyenne des commentaires client : Soyez la première personne à écrire un commentaire sur cet article
  • Classement des meilleures ventes d'Amazon: 44.851 en Livres anglais et étrangers (Voir les 100 premiers en Livres anglais et étrangers)
    • n°57 dans Livres anglais et étrangers > Arts & Photography > Photography > Fashion
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Commentaires en ligne

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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Five Stars 4 mai 2017
Par christina - Publié sur
Format: Relié Achat vérifié
I'm in love with this book!
3 internautes sur 4 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
5.0 étoiles sur 5 Beautiful Book 9 mars 2013
Par Meg - Publié sur
Format: Relié Achat vérifié
I'm really happy with this book. Although Louboutin is not one of my favorite designers, I feel like this book is great for any shoe lover. The photos capture all the effort and detail that goes into making a beautiful pair of shoes, and the interviews and stories are fairly interesting, as well.

There are plenty of full-page photographs, and the pop-up in the cover is cute and unexpected. The book is bound in a nice, high-quality artificial leather, so it's also eco- and animal-friendly. I use it as a coffee table book, but people with children might prefer to keep it hidden because of the fetish section. In my opinion, everything in this book is done tastefully and artfully, but I tend be a bit liberal about these things, so others may not want to leave it out in the open.

All in all, I'm glad I finally bought this book. It's the best on the market in terms of pictures and shoe-focused content, and it's very well made--definitely worth the price. If you love shoes, but aren't particularly fond of Christian Louboutin, I would still recommend it.
5.0 étoiles sur 5 Five Stars 12 juin 2016
Par Texan lady - Publié sur
Format: Relié Achat vérifié
Was hesitating to purchase but so glad I did! Such a detailed and exciting book!
1 internautes sur 1 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
5.0 étoiles sur 5 great gift ! 5 février 2013
Par Kathy T - Publié sur
Format: Relié Achat vérifié
Bought this as a gift for someone who has a few Louboutin shoes. She's a shoe addict so she appreciates the history and style illustrated in this book.She loved it ! It was a great way to buy a Louboutin item without having to spend $1000 !
5.0 étoiles sur 5 Five Stars 11 janvier 2017
Par Derrick C. - Publié sur
Format: Relié Achat vérifié
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