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Christian louboutins

Leicester, Leicestershire £160.00
35 days ago


White and gold Christian louboutins. Comes with dust bag. Brand new Free postage!!

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christian louboutins

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Christian Louboutin's Vegan Shoe Line

No description

Alina Bregman

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Christian Louboutin's Vegan Shoe Line

Christian Louboutin's
Shoe Line

There is a gap in the market for quality ethical shoes. Although vegan high-end shoes do exist

(Stella McCartney, OlsenHaus Pure Vegan, Cri De Coeur, Jefrey Campbell's Vegan Line for Convert, Mink, Melissa)
, nothing will compare with the number 1 brand. No matter what people would prefer Christian Louboutin's collection rather than others.
Possible competitors might be Jimmy Choo, YSL, Manolo Blahnik, but they do not sell vegan shoes.
So if Christian Louboutin launched a vegan shoe collection, there would be no serious competitors.

Primary Research

100 people
took part in the research.

• The survey showed
positive response
to the idea of Christian Louboutin launching a vegan shoe line.

• It included
4 simple questions
that helped to find proper
target audience

• The survey can be seen here:
Product Category

Christian Louboutin
is a high-end luxurious brand and it is known worldwide. The pair of Louboutin's heels is a dream for many women all around the world. Mostly, the shoes are made with materials, such as leather, suede and other exotic skins of animals.

is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal.

Primary Research Results
• The research showed that
almost quarter
of people were
vegetarians or vegans
, and another
of people were
planning to change their lifestyle

Three quarters
were interested in

of all people were
against animal exploitation

confirmed that they
would love to buy ethical shoes
and not to harm animals.
Unique Selling Point
• Christian Louboutin's USP is the
red sole
. He was the first one to invent colored bottom shoes.

• USP of CL launching a vegan shoe line is that it will be the first high-end brand (apart from Stella McCartney, but her brand is completely vegan) that will make ethical shoes and therefore will try to target even larger audience.
Christian Louboutin + Veganism =
Christian Louboutin's Vegan Shoe Line
All shoes will be made with
man-made animal-free materials
, such as faux leather & suede, satin, nylon, hemp etc.
• CL is a high-fashion brand known worldwide and therefore it doesn't need to be advertised much. The name speaks for itself.

• The only possible way to promote the shoe line is a fashion show and the following it events, such as parties, exhibitions, brunches etc.

• Use of promo codes & vouchers will give discounts and half of all money from sold shoes will go to funds (Greenpeace, Save The Planet).
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